July 29, 2016

Once I made up my mind to start doing yoga, the adventure began for me. When I am so keen to deal with something, I’m always very stubborn to find the right direction with the right people. It was exactly the same for me on the path of yoga.

First I started to visit the local places: Gym clubs, leisure centres, yoga studios… They were either too expensive or too business oriented… And also something was missing in them that I was looking for; the spirit of yoga! I was dreaming a place with an ambient of a fortune teller’s dimmed tent with burning candles, smelling incense, lots of chanting and lots of ancient ornaments and icons on the walls. However, I couldn’t find such a place in the centre of one of the largest western cities...

July 29, 2016

When the conversation comes to yoga in any way with anyone who has never tried to do yoga, this is the common statement that s(he) cannot do yoga because s(he) is not bendy or not flexible enough to touch his/her toes or s(he) is “too” skinny or “too” big or “too” old or not a calm person at all etc. When I come across to these kinds of judgments of the people about themselves, I just ask them one question: Can you smile? 

Because, when you smile from heart, you do yoga already anyway. As soon as I ask this question they smile spontaneously. I love to see this relaxed feeling on their faces and this makes me really happy as I think it is the beginning of guiding them to the right direction for going further. I believe, smiling fr...

July 29, 2016

When I started to my yoga journey, it was far to be a dream for me. It was just an intention to find a way for living consciously in this hectic world. I tried lots of new and traditional things to settle on the Earth with a fit body, a calm mind and a loving soul: Stress managements, luxury holidays, relaxation massages & spa day-outs, social activities, monthly and even annual memberships in gym centres, more sex, less sex, new friendships, old contacts, life coaching courses and many more. However, I could never find satisfaction in them and gave up half way through my acts. This always made me more miserable, sometimes more aggressive and more unsatisfied with the outcomes.

In some busy days, people used to hesitate...

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