Holistic Wellness For High-Performing And Busy Females Who Keep Delaying Their Own Total Health & Happiness... So they can feel rested, indulged, informed, nurtured and empowered again! 


" As a mother & wife at home, female worker at work and a 'woman' in society, I was always a warrior. But this attitude dragged me to the edge of a cliff with a restless past. In pain, burnt out and angry, I was about to lose my mental and physical health between home, work, parenting, my relationships, endless tasks and responsibilities. I was profoundly failing to achieve life fulfilment and happiness between my fights.

But then, yoga & mindfulness saved my life!"


Today, I am surrounded by more and more frustrated and exhausted female individuals who perform at high levels of competence in many roles, but along the way, often put their own interests and well-being away. I hear them. Thus, I've designed FEEL GOOD WEDNESDAYS to enable these female bodies and their busy minds to feel themselves again - rested, calm, connected, empowered, loved, content, happy and healthy. 

You are invited to My Sanctuary Room to feel good again!

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Indulge Yourself

Candlelight yoga evenings with music, movement, poems, stories, ayurvedic self-massage, guided relaxation, meditation, mantra, journaling and more to make you feel indulged and nurtured.

Yoga Stretch

Feel Empowered

Yoga focus sessions based on women-wellness-themes with provision of a practical and useful yoga & mindfulness-tool-box to make you feel empowered in your daily life and relationships.


Do Less, Be More

Restorative Yoga for your worn-out, stressed-out or burnt-out body & mind to find the natural equilibrium, to recover and heal, also to honour your need of stillness and silence of the self.

Mother Doing Yoga with Baby

What is my



An inspired, empowered, nurtured and focused female-mind can change the world! But first she needs to create positive changes in her own life. I help frustrated and exhausted high-performing and busy women of all ages learn and do the deep work of REST, RECHARGE & RECONNECT they've been avoiding since their ancestors. So, no matter who they are- from mothers and homemakers to students, bus drivers and CEOs- they can become BE-ers, from being DO-ers..

Yoga for Women classes are based on;

  • the unity of evidence based modern medical science and holistic traditional wellbeing practices such as Yoga, Mindfulness, Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Qi-gong. 

  • specially adapted diverse range of yoga styles such as dynamic to gentle flows, somatic movement, restorative yoga with therapeutic applications and yin yoga.

  • offering specially adapted yoga practices & workshops with breathing techniques and mindful meditation exercises to help women manage the main symptoms of gender and age related health issues and negative side effects of daily life - such as pain management, anxiety & depression, irritability, insomnia, fatigue, lack of focus, low mood, hot flushes and night sweats.

  • women circles which highlight our mantra "inform, nurture and empower" to allow women for making informed choices in their life, to find support and to amplify their voices and to connect with other women who share the similar journey.  ​

  • guest expertise on nutrition, natural remedies, medical approaches to hormone replacement therapies and in other holistic areas like sound therapy, massage therapies, holistic beauty.​

  • group or one-to-one sessions to share knowledge, skill and experiences.

Family Stretch

Wise-Women Yoga Workshops with women-circles, expert talks, mindful movement and deep rest to enable women making informed choices, to meet with others from all walks of life and give & receive the wisdom of experience...