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Wed, 26 Apr



Shavasana Intensive with Yoga Nidra | STEP-UP-YOUR-ASANA SERIES

A restorative yoga session for nervous system regulation - unplug your body & mind from everyday life with unique restorative and supported postures inc. 2x shavasana and a 45-minute Yoga Nidra (Yogic Sleep) practice at the end.

Sorry! Spaces are full now. Get in touch to register on the waiting list!
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Shavasana Intensive with Yoga Nidra | STEP-UP-YOUR-ASANA SERIES
Shavasana Intensive with Yoga Nidra | STEP-UP-YOUR-ASANA SERIES

Time & Location

26 Apr 2023, 19:00 – 21:15

Epping, Fluxs Ln, Epping CM16 7PE, UK


About the Event

No matter how hard you try to keep up with optimum health (or how easily you neglect your body and mind by doing too much or too little), you have a body system that always craves balance: your Nervous System! Unless you're a monk living in the Himalayan Mountains or a cat spending her life by basking in the rays of the sun filtering through the window with a pleasant stretch and yawn, you need to reset your nervous system actively on a regular basis. This is called homeostasis, and promotes longevity and vitality for your body & mind. BUT HOW CAN YOU RESTORE THIS BALANCE?


Shavasana Intensive with Yoga Nidra | STEP-UP-YOUR-ASANA SERIES

Wednesday, 26th April 2023

19:00 - 21:15

Epping Golf Club


£30 pp

BOOK NOW! (Open to all levels, including to complete beginners of yoga)

Limited spaces on a first come first served basis.

Make your booking today to avoid any disappointment.

Shavasana Intensive with Yoga Nidra is a balancing, calming, grounding, de-stressing, anti-inflammatory and an anti-aging practice that aims to help you reset your dysregulated nervous system which is caused by psychological, environmental, biochemical and lifestyle factors such as daily stressors, trauma, season changes, toxin exposure, chronic health conditions, infection, gut issues, over / under doing exercise etc. This session helps your parasympathetic nervous system elicit the relaxation response in your body, balances your hormones, and allows your body and mind to unplug and unwind out of the jungle in everyday life.


This class suits everyone but it is especially helpful for those;

  • looking to relieve stress and anxiety,
  • looking to reduce the inflammation related symptoms in the body,
  • in need of physical rest, muscle tension relief and recovery from fatigue and burn-out, 
  • in need of restorative emotional support,
  • experiencing menopausal symptoms.
  • Great if you simply need to rest and relax!
  • A lovely cross-over with an existing practice between active and dynamic forms and restorative forms of physical practices (equilibrium).
  • A real treat for anyone interested in meditation, mindfulness and stillness. 
  • Suitable for those who have limited mobility and/or flexibility - all postures are very gentle. 


In this mellow, warm and cozy practice, we will have a restorative yoga session for nervous system regulation. It is designed for unplugging the body & mind with unique restorative and supported postures inc. 2x shavasana and a 45-minute Yoga Nidra (Yogic Sleep) practice at the end. Restorative yoga is a passive form of the yoga practice where your body will be fully supported by special props, and bring the sense of openness into the body by holding the poses for around 10 minutes or longer.

An example of a sequence might be: In a deeply relaxing and calming ambient of the room, you will start your practice by centring the body & mind in lying down position on your mat (or sitting on a chair if you have difficulty to get on and off the floor), and then settling into the present moment with my guidance through awareness of body and senses (proprioception). You will keep up by a simple breathing practice to calm and reset the nervous system further followed by mindful movement to gently stretch and ease out the muscles and joints. After moving into restorative postures, we will finally close the session with a guided deep relaxation / meditation. You may have some sensory experiences such as sound, smell, weighing down and self-massage during the practice with the company of poems, music and maybe chanting.


With the use of specific restful poses and deep breathing & meditation techniques, this practice restores the balance in your so often-frazzled nervous system, helps to create mind & body connection, slows down biological-ageing, allows you to actively rest and relax. Practicing stillness and gentle movement softens muscle tension and eliminates general fatigue, slows down the heart rate and breathing, regulates the blood pressure, increases blood flow to the vital organs, reduces the anti-inflammatory markers and helps to improve the immune system. It promotes improvement in digestion, fertility and mental health. The regular practice of restorative yoga with Yoga Nidra has been found to reduce the autonomic symptoms of chronic stress such as anxiety, insomnia, headache, giddiness, chronic pain, palpitations, sweating, menopausal symptoms, inflammation and trauma responce of the body.


Briefly, Yoga Nidra is a deeply relaxing, healing and empowering form of guided meditation. It is practised in lying down position. Yoga Nidra is actually a state of consciousness in which the practitioner is deeply relaxed, nearing sleep, yet remains awake and aware. The word Nidra means sleep, however it is far from the unconscious, "checked out" version of sleep you might think of normally. "The goal of a Yoga Nidra practice is to take our brain waves into a Theta & Delta state (and even deeper when possible), the most restorative state, in which your organs regenerate and the stress hormone cortisol is removed from your system. This state is sort of like a complete loss of consciousness, but you are  awake. This state is one of such a deep surrender, where your  consciousness is so far away from the physical body." The stages of body scan and breath awareness calm the nervous system, leading to homeostasis, less stress and better health.

No previous yoga experience is needed for this deeply enriching practice.

Advance booking required. Places are not secured unless paid for in full - £30 pp. 

This is one of the well appreciated sessions of YogaCrow.UK and spaces are filled very quickly. Book your session early, avoid disappointment! 

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