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“ Research has shown that the number of young people reporting feelings of depression and anxiety is rising and there is a trend for the rates of these disorders to increase in the transition between childhood and adolescence.”
~ Amy Morgan, Institute of Psychological Sciences, University of Leeds

Young People Need Yoga

Ofsted requires every school to actively promote and evaluate students’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural (SMSC) development. Yoga classes support SMSC education by encouraging students to explore and reflect on life purpose, cause and effect, resilience, obstacles, relationships, feelings and emotions. 

I work with young people to make sure they have healthy bodies, clear minds and thriving lives. My teaching is based on a systematic, well-evidenced set of practices which provide them with lifelong skills to support their well being. Achievement is at the centre of all we do. Our work will help these young people to overcome stress and ready their minds for study.


Millions of people around the world practise the ancient discipline of Yoga. Many students will have heard of yoga because it has a strong following among celebrities such as Ryan Giggs, Harry Styles, Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow and Kaley Cuoco.​


Chat on Yoga Mat

  • “  I started yoga over 3 months ago and I have noticed a dramatic change in my flexibility. I started doing yoga for my D of E bronze and have continued it even though my course has finished. When I first came to yoga I was ridiculously inflexible but after only a few weeks I noticed my flexibility improving.”

  • “  Not only is yoga good for strength, it is also amazing for stress relief. I am in year 10 and I have found that when I am preparing to enter an exam and I am nervous the breathing I learnt really helps me stay calm. Yoga also helps stiffness that comes with age.”

  • “  Yoga is really beneficial for you. It is about making your muscles stronger and your body more flexible. It has the same benefits as going to the gym but less stressful.”

  • “  You see improvements in yourself when you’re competing in sport. You can move faster.”

  • “  Yoga is like time out space in the middle of the week to take you away from exam stress and everything. You can put things to one side for about an hour and it’s really helpful.”

  • "   I usually try to avoid PE, but I like coming to yoga. My shoulders feel all relaxed afterwards."

In Schools (Students or Staff)

Yoga is taught in many

schools across the UK as part of the curriculum...


Scientific & experiential evidence proves many of yoga's well established benefits...

Private Sessions

(Teen & Family)

Private sessions enable the young people to explore yoga in a customised & deeper level..

Course Cost

Rates vary depending on course length, class duration and other requirements... 

Who does yoga appeal to?

  • Sporty people do yoga to develop performance in their game.

  • Non sporty people like yoga because it’s a non-competitive way to keep active.

  • Boys practise it to increase stamina, strength and confidence in relation to their body as it grows and changes.

  • Girls enjoy relaxation and flexibility exercises which promote emotional and physical wellbeing.

  • Students with Special Educational Needs enjoy and benefit from stretching and relaxation.

Teacher Instructing

John Chantry, Vice Principal, Ralph Allen School, Bath

“ Young people experience a great deal of pressure, and consequently stress, to perform well in school due to the high expectations on them both academically and socially. Yoga is a great way to deal with this and the TeenYoga course has been extremely well received by students. I recommend the course wholeheartedly.”


Charlotta Martinus, Founder of TeenYoga

"While many young people are well, vibrant and have a strong voice in the world today, yoga supports and helps those who do not, through simple tools that alleviate stress, relieve trauma and empower young people."

Diversity Students
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