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In Schools (Students or Staff)

Yoga & Mindfulness is for the whole curriculum and the whole school community. It is a systematic approach to sharpening the intellect and improving mental and physical health.



Yoga is taught in many schools across the UK as

–  Part of the PE curriculum

–  Part of PHSE curriculum

–  An elective in an enrichment programme

–  A lunch time or after-school club activity

–  An intervention to maximise the achievement of disadvantaged students

Courses and sessions are designed and delivered under the guidelines of a specialist training with TeenYoga (UK) alongside many other yoga related qualifications such as Ofqual regulated BWYQ (BWY is the only National Governing Body of Yoga). This includes study of adolescent anatomy, physiology, neuroscience, psychology and behaviour management. 


I have all the required trainings and certificates such as;

–  BWYQ, Level 4 (500+ hours) Diploma of Yoga Teaching (Ofqual Regulated)

–  First aid certification

–  Trauma informed teaching

–  Insurance to teach yoga to young people

–  DBS clearance & Safeguarding for Children

Every school has different priorities, and schools can choose 6- to 10-week courses, workshops such as in awareness days, special themed sessions such as in exam periods, classes as a part of events such as sports days. Each will be tailored to the needs of young individuals and their timetable.


Typically, courses will include:

– A range of postures
– Breathing and relaxation techniques

– Mindfulness and meditation
– Yoga philosophy and psychology

Some possible suggestions for intensive support:

– Individual or small group work with disadvantaged students for whom the school receives extra funding, those with additional or special needs and those already working with other agencies such as CAMHs. (Please get in touch to discuss the details about teaching SEN students.)

– Practices that reduce anxiety, promote calm behaviour and increase concentration. Activities impact directly on progress and engagement and can be recorded in statutory plans.

– Strategies to increase participation by broadening the curriculum offer. For example providing yoga lessons for those that avoid conventional sports and lessons for sixth form students at risk of becoming inactive.

Yoga & Mindfulness classes can contribute to your curriculum through sessional teaching or through activity-days. The work is not simply a fun way of learning to do yoga postures. Sessions are designed with a systematic approach to teaching students about managing their health, the development of the teenage brain and body and the using of breathing to manage some of the negative habits that can lead to anxiety, stress and depression.


Yoga & Mindfulness is a great practice to offer on INSET days, special school events and/or after the long school days in regular basis. I have been guiding the members of some local schools in Essex area through yoga for few years and it's very rewarding to see how deeply they benefit from the practice in many levels. 


These sessions are a quality of time for school staff to:

– Have fun and try something new together

– Develop skills in relaxation and well-being

– Learn about what mindfulness is

– Begin to practice mindfulness

– Learn some practices to try out with students

Trial session is available. Members of staff pay a lower rate than for a commercial studio class. They may pay less or no fee with the management providing a small allowance from the well-being budget if applicable. Variable approaches work from school to school. Please get in touch to discuss the options further. 

Private Yoga Sessions for Teens & Families


I also offer private 1:2:1 teen yoga & mindfulness sessions, parents & teen or family sessions, sibling (11+) sessions or private group sessions (11+). Private sessions enable the young people to explore yoga & mindfulness in a customised and deeper level. Single booking is available, please get in touch for the details and availability. No matter what your reason is, it has plenty of benefits to build up a good solid foundation and to achieve any and all of your personalised goals. Family yoga also supports the parenting and promotes the bonding between family members. 

Who Is Your Yoga Teacher?

My name is Aslıhan. I am the founder of YogaCrow.UK, a Progressive Hatha Yoga Teacher for all levels, Teen Yoga & Mindfulness Teacher and internationally registered Relax & Renew® Advanced Restorative Yoga Teacher. I am fully qualified by British Wheel of Yoga (BWY) BWYQ Level 4 (500 hours) Yoga Teaching Diploma. BWY is the only Sport England-recognised national governing body for yoga. I completed my Teen Yoga & Mindfulness Teacher Training with Charlotta Martinus, the founder of Teen Yoga Foundation. This evidence-based intensive teacher training enabled me to understand the adolescence period in a very comprehensive scheme and qualified me to empower the young people through yoga for a better practice of individual health & wellbeing. Click here to read more about me and my qualifications. 

Benefits of TeenYoga


Scientific & experiential evidence proves many of yoga's well established benefits.

– Develops strength, flexibility and stamina
– Reduces tension, stress and anxiety
– Raises self-esteem and promotes self-efficacy

– Improves motivation
– Develops clarity, focus and concentration
– Creates awareness of emotional responses
– Encourages self-management of behaviour
– Promotes social, mental and emotional health

Research Evidence Yoga & Mindfulness in Schools

This is a wonderful research repository which will give you summaries of all the key research on one page with links to the actual articles. It is updated regularly.

Who Does Yoga Appeal To?

- Sporty students do yoga to develop performance in their game.

- Non sporty people like yoga because it’s a non-competitive way to keep active.

- Boys practise it to increase stamina, strength and confidence in relation to their body as it grows and changes.

- Girls enjoy relaxation and flexibility exercises which promote emotional and physical wellbeing.

- Students with Special Educational Needs enjoy and benefit from stretching and relaxation.

Course Costs


Rates vary depending on course length, class duration and other requirements such as provision of yoga mats and equipment. Grant funding might be available. Please get in touch for the details and availability.

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