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Who am I? 

My name is Aslıhan. I am the founder of YogaCrow.UK; a Progressive Hatha Yoga Teacher for all levels; internationally registered Relax & Renew® Advanced Restorative Yoga for Therapeutic Applications Teacher; Menopause Yoga® Teacher; Teen Yoga & Mindfulness Teacher and Level 3 Sports Coach. I am a passionate life-long trainee on the path of Yoga and a fully qualified by British Wheel of Yoga (BWY) BWYQ Level 4 (500 hours) Yoga Teaching Diploma. BWY is the only Sport England-recognised national governing body for yoga.

I live and teach yoga in Loughton & Epping and expanded my teaching map to Essex and Greater London too. I am also one of the co-founders of a wonderful yoga collective (Re: Balance Yoga Collective) in a fully equipped yoga space in Epping.

I love spending quality time with Nature, feathers - ribbons - fringes & tassels, herbs ’n’ spices, dreamcatchers, kite flying and walking with bare feet on the grass, on sand of a beach, on earth and on clouds… I am a dreamer and a story teller who is inspired by LOVE.

Spreading the wisdom of yoga and raising an awareness of total health & well-being in our body, mind & heart are my strongest passion; because yogic living guides me to move consciously in my daily activities and allows me to smile from the deepest corners of my heart in a healthy body. I feel calmer, I think clearer and I focus better. Eventually I find wisdom within and bliss in my everyday activities no matter how big or difficult the daily obstacles are. I’d like to see everyone around me carrying this big smile from their heart and having their own greatest experiences with wisdom and blissful moments, too. 

Why Yoga? 

My story about starting to do yoga is not any different than yours… Long story short, it was because of the exhausting and destructive everyday challenges, dreadfully overwhelming work stress in the field of Marketing, PR & Customer Relations, broken relationships with others and few health problems.

For years, I struggled to keep up and stay motivated with traditional forms of exercises. But only after the unmanageable levels of stress in my professional life and an unbearable deep muscle problem at my back, I finally started to do Yoga with a very inspiring teacher, in Essex area. From the first class I attended, this ancient practice deeply fascinated me. Few months later I decided to go even deeper. I quickly developed a better understanding about Yoga and realised that it is a great “life ring” in our modern, hectic, stressful and busy lives, not just a physical exercise. Because of its holistic approach to the human body & mind, it gradually helped me to develop a better understanding of myself and a better relationship with the people around me. It also completely changed my perception of Nature and has helped me to grow within. 

Yoga became very quickly an absolute and the only way of life for me. I benefit from the yogic life style every single day to maintain my health & happiness, to find the physical, mental and emotional flexibility, strength and balance in coping with everyday situations and more over to transform my understanding about myself and others.

Yoga’s ancient philosophy and its practices keep me always on track and allow me to come back to my factory settings whenever I feel imbalanced in my body, mind and heart. It aided and supported my physical, mental and emotional health & wellbeing so much where the modern western profit orientated medicine & pharmacy was not helpful enough and I am so much keen to spread the wisdom & love of yoga around me to transform the community to a healthy & happy one.

My Way of Teaching Yoga

My classes are an idea to share the thoughts, feelings and experiences of total well-being and personal growth in a very friendly, non-competitive, non-judgmental, fun and relaxing environment through comprehensive, sophisticated, authentic and holistic approach of yoga.

My focus is mainly creating long lasting strength in the body & mind through authentic, diverse and comprehensive yoga practices. I offer a ground to grow, a refuge to breathe and a beautiful yoga community to feel the trust & support. My teaching style is very much somatic and constant progress focused in every class rather than being a sequence to move in where the practitioner feels out of breath, sweaty or isolated. My method of teaching makes the yoga practice accessible for every ability, challenges everyone in a personal level and allows the individual to make a long lasting progress in the body, mind and heart

I run group, private & corporate yoga classes for all levels in London and Essex region. I offer my yoga classes to both genders, all ages and all abilities. My classes incorporate Asana (posture), Vinyasa (flow), Pranayama (breathing techniques), Meditation, Yoga Philosophy and Guided Deep Relaxation. 


I teach Hatha Yoga in a progressive scheme with the focus of building up strength in the body, mind and heart with many options to suit both those new to yoga and those with experience on & off the mat. By following the aims of the yogic principles and the yogic branches and aspiring to experience them through safe, continually and gradually developing stages, practice becomes progressive, regulated and beneficial in physical, mental and emotional level.


I teach Restorative Yoga with a great focus on raising an awareness about the necessity of physical & mental active-conscious-rest. I aim to provide a ground for the individuals where they can find a safe refuge to breathe and to relax deeply in a methodological way. In our hectic and demanding societies, it is essential to learn how to cope with chronic stress and, as a yoga teacher, empowering the individuals through restorative yoga skills is much rewarding. 


My way of teaching Menopause Yoga draws on other styles of yoga and guidance of other teachers through the ages on how to support women going through menopause which include specially adapted yoga asana poses to help manage menopause symptoms. My method of teaching is underpinned by a framework of Indian Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine. The Yoga Asana include: Hatha, Vinyasa Flow, Restorative, Yin Yoga poses adapted for menopause, as well as pranayama, meditation, mantra... The Qi Gong movements include: grounding and calming techniques, positive and negative energy release, kidney cleansing.   


By all practices, I aim guiding you to raise your awareness of your body, mind & emotions. It also motivates you to achieve your own goals through modified or challenging posture & mind practices created for every single one of you individually, even in a group environment. I offer a professional and safe guidance for you to develop an advanced physical, mental and emotional practice by building up a good foundation of balance, strength and flexibility on & off the mat.  

My Yoga & Mindfulness Qualifications

  • I completed Raja Yoga Meditation Training with Christina Spencer, BWY-teacher, who has been a student of Swami Saradananda and took Maarten Vermaase’s meditation modules one & two. 


  • I had my Yoga Foundation Course (YFC) with another magical teacher, Mandy Abbott under BWY’s guidance. YFC is a big mile stone in my yoga journey and it helped me a lot to find my direction on the path of Teaching Yoga with the right tools. 

  • As soon as I finished my a year long yoga foundation course, I decided to take my 3,5-year-long and highly intensive BWYQ Level 4 (500 hours) Diploma in Teaching Yoga, Meditation & Pranayama (RQF) training with BWY Tutors Zoe Knott & Bob Insley by following the Ofqual regulated qualification frame. My teacher training transformed my life very deeply in personal and professional level. It helped me to become one of the most skillful yoga experts on teaching yoga safely and in a very accessible way. It also allows me to provide rich, authentic and diverse yoga guidance with a professional, insightful and sophisticated approach. My yoga teaching training with the British Wheel of Yoga is one of the most comprehensive trainings in the world and the assurance of a long and continuous study in many aspects of Yoga in a very deep level: Anatomy and Physiology, the subtle body, breathing techniques, meditation, relaxation, the philosophy and ethics of Yoga.  


  • I also attended "NLP for Yoga Teachers" training with Antonia Boyle who helped me to gain better skills in teaching Yoga, particularly in guided deep relaxation. This training supports me to create most tranquil and beneficial deep relaxation experiences for the learners to help them in coping the negative side effects of stressful living.



  • In April 2018, I had my Relax & Renew® Restorative Yoga Teacher Training Level 1 with Ph. D. PT. Judith Hanson Lasater from USAan early disciple of B.K.S. Iyengar and the founder of Yoga Journal Magazine. This training has changed my perception and teaching of Relaxation Experience completely and inspired me deeply on the way of learning and teaching the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual importance of slowing down into stillness through Restorative Yoga. Another training with Judith H. Lasater - Advance Restorative Yoga Teacher Training for Therapeutic Applications Level 2  followed the first one and today I am offering my guidance to all who's looking for relieving chronic stress, reducing the effects of stress-related diseases and providing an environment for self-repair.    

  • I completed Teen Yoga & Mindfulness Teacher Training with Charlotta Martinus, the founder of Teen Yoga Foundation. This evidence-based intensive teacher training enabled me to understand the adolescence period in a very comprehensive scheme and qualified me to empower the young people through yoga for a better practice of individual health & wellbeing. This includes study of adolescent anatomy, physiology, neuroscience, psychology and behaviour management.

  • I also had my training of Ayurveda in Action  with Tarik Dervish & Cathy Mae who broaden my understanding about this amazing ancient science to use it in my yoga teachings with a creative perspective and holistic applications. This training allows me to integrate ayurvedic principles on & off the mat practices and teachings.

  • I was trained as a Menopause Yoga®  teacher by Petra Coveney who is the founder of MY and describes menopause as a positive philosophy,"an opportunity to take a pause in your busy Nurture & Nourish take time for Self Study and learn more about your changing body, mind and look forward to the next stage in your life." 

These all trainings allowed me to understand the pattern of the mind and its relation with the physical body in different sets. They also reinforce my teaching to guide the practitioners for getting the maximum benefits from my yoga sessions in physical, mental and emotional level. A million thanks to all my amazing teachers for their inspirational lights! 

Let’s spread the love and wisdom across the universe together ♡ 


Breathe well, flow well, connect well!

With Peace, Love & Joy​

Aslıhan, The Crow


Relax & Renew ®

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