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Yoga Class
  • What is Yoga?
    In very simple terms, yoga is a system for bringing balance and harmony into your body and mind. It's a way of living and art of paying attention. It involves the physical practice of yoga postures called asanas, breathing exercises called pranayama and guided deep relaxation techniques through sense withdrawal called pratyahara. Yoga also includes mindfulness, meditation, self-enquiry and the study of yoga philosophy. Through all these practices yoga helps us to develop a greater awareness about ourselves and the world around us. ‘Yoga’ in the Western world tends to focus mostly on the physical asana practice – the yoga poses. This is a great place to start but there is so much more to discover as you develop your own yoga practice.
  • Do I need to be flexible / fit / slim to do yoga?
    No, not at all! Anyone who breaths can do yoga! Unlike many other disciplines, yoga is available for everyone, in every age and ability. Your size, gender, level of flexibility or fitness doesn't matter. Over time, yoga can help you become more flexible and resilient—that's why we call it practice. Yoga is about the journey towards being flexible and strong in body, mind and heart, and your teacher help you adjust poses and positions to accommodate your body type and shape.
  • What class should I try on your timetable?
    I teach a diverse range of Yoga, and all classes are suitable for mixed abilities unless notified otherwise. It is a good idea to try different classes to get an idea of the style of yoga you like and is right for you. There is absolutely no previous experience needed to join your desired session. My Progressive Hatha Yoga classes are based on one of the main forms of yoga and many other yoga styles derive from it, so it’s a great place to learn the foundations and names of the poses. They take you through the basics and advance variations in stages, and are based on Hatha Yoga. In these classes, you’ll learn how to move and flow with the breath, which will prepare you for other styles of yoga including Vinyasa flow and Ashtanga. More relaxing forms of yoga including Hatha & Restorative Fusion and Restorative Yoga classes are also best for those who need more headspace in stillness and quiet. They are also suitable for those who are under recovery. I also teach Yoga for Women in different topics related to women's health & wellbeing. If you are interested in 1:2:1 yoga sessions, Relaxation & Stress Management Mentoring, Personal Yoga Lifestyle Coaching, Personal Yoga Schedule Management, Teen Yoga & Mindfulness sessions or Private & Corporate Group Classes / Workshops / Events / Yoga Retreats & Holidays please get in touch with me.
  • What sould I wear during the practice?
    Practise in what feels most comfortable to you – whether it be leggings, sweatpants, even jeans! Do what feels good. Some people wear baggy, loose fitting bottoms or shorts and a t-shirt. Other people wear tight, stretchy leggings + tops. The only thing that matters is that you wear comfortable clothes that you can easily move and stretch in with no restriction. It's good to have clothes that keep you cool when you are active in yoga, but to bring a jumper for relaxation, when the body rapidly cools down. Some people also bring warm socks and a jumper (and a small blanket) for the relaxation. It's recomended to wear less jewelary and light to no make-up when possible. Also always bring a hard-case cover for your glasses to store them when needed.
  • What style of yoga do you teach?
    I teach a diverse range of yoga 'styles' from dynamic movement to restorative forms of yoga. They all find their foundation mainly in Hatha and Raja. In my classes you can find the influence of many different teachers, traditions and schools of yoga, as well as Ayurveda - Yoga's sister science. I teach Hatha Yoga in a unique progressive scheme with the focus of building up strength in the body, mind & heart, and without using up body's energetic resources excessively. My focus on restorative practices are based on therapautic applications of yoga, mainly influenced by B.K.S. Iyengar's teachings. I aim to guide you with different ways of structured REST and conscious deliberate Self-Nurturing practices, so you can learn how to reduce the negative side effects of chronic stress through practical applications and improve the quality and longevity of your life. I aim to make yoga relaxed, enjoyable and accessible to everyone, adapting the yoga practice to the individual's needs and ability. My classes are not a place that you constantly move without teacher's attention, and leave the session out of breath and sweaty. They are a place where we honour transforming the body and mind as whole by making progress through out movement along with mindfulness, breathing exercises and guided relaxation to help calm the mind.
  • What equipment do I need to bring with me? Do I need to buy a yoga mat and yoga kit?
    About the mat and yoga kits, better to wait for now. A big towel, a firm blanket or a rug can also serve you if you wish to keep up with your home practice in the first few weeks; a belt or a long tie as a yoga strap and a thick book as a block work well as well….
  • What are the benefits of yoga?
  • I feel shy / nervous about attending in a group class! What if I do wrong?
    I definitely hear what you are saying and I still remember my beginner days very clearly. However, I’d like to say that we created a very supportive community here under the umbrella of YogaCrow and we all learn from each other always with a beginner’s mind throughout our practices with no competition at all. I assure you that, my trainings and teaching approach will also allow you to work within your own limits.
  • Is yoga a religion?
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  • Do I need to complete a medical form before attending my first class?
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  • What should I expect from a 90 minute general yoga class? Is the class more for sporty types or is it ‘proper yoga’ as it was intended?
    I teach Hatha Yoga in a unique progressive scheme with the focus of building up strength in the body, mind & heart, and without using up body's energetic resources excessively. We follow and complete well themed sequences where each one of them unfolds in stages and in consecutive weeks to achieve solid aims & objectives that suit both - those new to yoga and those with experience on & off the mat. By following the aims of the yogic principles and the yogic branches and aspiring to experience them through safe, continually and gradually developing stages, practice becomes mindful, progressive, regulated and beneficial for all, not only for a short term but in a long term too. As a final result, you leave the sessions with an improved strength & flexibility, calm and clarity in mind and with a greater sense of balance, harmony and connection. Without categorising yoga as sporty, proper, real or not real, I can only say that my understanding about this 5000-year-old ancient discipline is “there is only one Yoga” and the purpose of it is freeing the mind from its fluctuations! I must say, I don’t intent “teaching” Yoga at all but to practise toward being a good human on Earth personally and trying to guide and inspire the members of my yoga community around this same idea. So, it’s not me who can promise you to take into a higher level but, I believe, it’s you who should observe and decide whether I am the right guide for you to walk with on the path of yoga together! We work on many levels including the body, the breath, the mind and the spirit in every class. I can confidently say that with a regular and consistent attendance and practice in our classes and beyond, you will experience a good blend of Patanjali’s 8 limbs of yoga where in fact asana (posture) practices don’t take the priority. We share, discuss, talk, practice and inspire an authentic, rich, diverse, sophisticated, and comprehensive yoga experience; that’s all… Just come and join us, speak with the members of our yoga community and let me know what you think.😊 Your feedback will be a gift!
  • Can I drop in? Or should I book my place in advance?
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  • How are the payment terms? Do I need to book a block of classes ?
    When you purchase block class passes, they come up cheaper as an investment on your well-being and happiness.
  • How often should I practise yoga in a week? As a beginner how long would it take to settle into the practice? Should I have few days gap between the classes to attend?
    As many times as your body and mind need to 😉 Yoga can be practised 24/7… I always say that when you smile you do yoga, when you breath with full of awareness you do yoga. However, if we talk about the asanas (postures) on the mat, it is beneficial when we have regular, consistent and long term practices. A short practice – even 5-10 min a day- but often is always better than once a week in long hours. Ideally 2-3 times weekly practice work well and helps to make a progress in short term. For instance, I try to stick with 5 days home practice + 2 group sessions weekly minimum and couple of monthly workshops with my own practice but there are times that I cannot step on my mat at all due to different reasons, never feeling guilty tho. As a beginner, it would be a good practice to start with 2 group sessions weekly and supporting it with 1-2 days home practice maybe. This is entirely up to the individual. Please don’t worry about the gaps at this stage! It’s more about how you will feel in your body, mind and heart. In some weeks you may want to come to the class very next day, in other weeks with a gap, few days later. Your body will tell you when and how 😊 Yoga also teaches us how to listen to our body. Maybe, I would try to pick the days to start that I can come to a class with less commuting-pressure in terms of transport and time.
  • What if I don't have any props?
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  • When is the best time to do yoga?
  • When should I eat before a class?
  • Can I do yoga when I am mensturating?
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  • I have a health condition / pain / previous injury. Can I still do yoga?
  • Can I do yoga while I am pregnant?
  • I am very stressed out recently and my mind is always busy. Do I have to meditate to do yoga?
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  • Can I learn yoga online?
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  • Can yoga help me to lose weight?
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  • Are your classes suitable for beginners?
    My teaching approach is very much suitable to all levels in the same group environment and it allows every single individual to practise on the mat with comfort and confidence.
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