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Coronavirus COVID-19 Update

March 17, 2020

💟 With a heavy and saddened heart 💟

My dear fellow yoga friends,

As a member of BWY, the only governing body of yoga in the UK and Sports of England, and by following the Duty of Care, the Code of Ethical Practice and the Role and Responsibilities of a Yoga Teacher, I am saddened to announce that in the light of the new guidelines of PHE all classes are CANCELLED in the following days. -…/guidance-on-social-distancing-for-ever…

It has been a long night for me to give this decision, but having the different needs of my student profiles into consideration I trust that cancelling the classes for now / until finding the best solution is a necessity. Just follow my announcement for further actions.

I am in a process of re-scheduling and re-structuring our yoga & meditation classes - inc. creating online sessions, outdoor yoga etc.- for the coming days / weeks. You will hear from me about the details very soon. Please make sure that my email address is in your address book not to allow my messages going into your spam box. - I sent a relevant email yesterday already, please ensure that you received it. If not, please get in touch.

I strongly advise you to join us on our instant messaging platform that you can have an access ONLY on a smart phone. Please get in touch with me for the details on or 07982 944 217. We shared beautiful stuff on this platform so far and the feedback about the benefits of this is so great!! Also joining our FB group would give you much. Please ask me the details.

Until we meet on the mat in the same room again, please look after yourselves and each other so well. There are many local support groups set up - get in touch with them to give & receive help, please look after your elderly family members, friends and community members and be aware and careful about the trusted collectives and organisations only to be engaged. Most importantly, please keep up your routine as much as you can on your yoga & meditation mat, this is what we need it the most in these days for stronger resilience and CALM. No matter where you are you can rock it.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch with me for anything that you need to discuss further or for help, guidance and/or for assistance. You will hear from me about the details of online sessions soon. Watch the space!

I wish you all well and sending you my heartfelt good vibes!

With gratitude!

Dates for Your Diary

January 01, 2020

I would like to inform you about few changes on our diary. Please note them down:


  • Unfortunately, I am not able to teach on Saturday, 22nd February in Loughton Methodist (LMC). I tried to find a cover teacher for this one but no one is available as it's half term weekend.

  • There will be NO CLASSES between 13th & 19th April as I am taking sometime off to spend it with my family during the Easter Holiday.

  • Due to a major event in the LMC on 20th & 27th May, our Wednesday evening classes where we normally practice at the back in the Studio will be held in the main building first floor instead. Classes are going to start at usual time: 6:30 PM

  • No Tuesday morning classes on 21st April, 5th May and 16th June in Epping Golf Club. Due to few major events in the Club, the room is not available for us. However, we will substitute these sessions in the previous Mondays - 20th April, 4th May and 15th June- instead.


Please join the alternative classes during the week and do not fall behind your practice.. Feel free to get in touch when you need my assistance regarding the dates or your home practice.

Yoga Days for Celebrations, Party and Special Occasions

February 01, 2020

I am delighted to offer you Personalised Yoga Events (for 18+ only) for your special occasions, such as, birthday parties, hen/stack nights, graduations, anniversaries, grand openings, celebrations etc. Please contact me at least 4 weeks before the Big Day when you consider or would like to book a day with YogaCrow.

Gift Vouchers are Available

February 01, 2017

What would be better than giving an opportunity of well-being to someone who we love and care for? There are now gift vouchers available in YogaCrow for your own preferences. You can purchase a single class, 2-, 4-, 6- or 8- class- passes, private one-2-one, group / family sessions. Get in touch now to purchase one and I will arrange it for you! 

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