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“When you come upon a path that brings benefit and happiness to all, follow this course as the moon journeys through the stars.” ― Gautama Buddha

"Aslihan is a truly wonderful yoga teacher! She teaches with such preciseness, care and attention, walking around to check and adjust your posture if needed so that you really get the best out of your practice. Aslihan has a lovely ability to make everyone in the class feel welcome and I know I'm not the only one who walks into class feeling a bit weary but leaves feeling so much more balanced (physically, mentally and emotionally) and rejuvenated!"

~ Dimple P.,  Group Class Student

" My husband and I had our first private session with YogaCrow today. She is such a lovely, gentle soul. Extremely knowledgable, looked into our medical history, which helped to ensure our bodies were comfortable at all times. She gave clear instructions in a very calm manner and gently aligned us into our postures where needed. She aided a beautiful meditation toward the end which truly helped me to drift off to a beautiful place. Thank you! "

~ Claire S. , Holistic Therapist, Private Session Couple Students

" Thank you for a very enjoyable course. Initially thought it was less active than expected but I like the focus each week on a different aspect of the practice and therefore the pace worked. I feel I have learned a lot about the theory of yoga as well as the practice. I enjoyed all aspects including the meditation and most especially the lavender bags!

~ Gohar B., Beginner Yoga Course

"Thank you Aslihan – I am definitely enjoying our course and learning not just the postures but the history etc about Yoga.  My mind and body are truly connecting and I’m already feeling calmer and more focused..."

~ Amanda G., Beginner Yoga Course​

 "Since discovering YogaCrow, Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings have become my favourite times of the week. Thank you Aslihan for your patience and kindness. So looking forward to this new year of discovery  ❤"

~ Hazel M. B., Group Class Student (Facebook Comment) 

I am a complete yoga beginner and joined Aslihan's Ongar class at the beginning of the year. Aslihan is an excellent instructor who is patient, kind and very calming . I find her instructions easy to follow and I look forward to each class.

~ Judith S., Beginner Yoga Student (Google Review)

I highly recommend Yoga Crow. Aslihan is an excellent yoga teacher and is passionate about the transformational power of yoga. She is caring, attentive and totally committed to helping you develop and grow your yoga practice. She manages to keep an eye on all the students and will make suggestions and adjustments if necessary which I find very helpful and reassuring. I have been attending classes for around six months and my back and neck issues have greatly improved. After one of Aslihan’s lessons I feel grounded, completely in my body and always have a great night’s sleep. I have never been a regular at any kind of 'exercise' class so the fact that Aslihan has been able to keep me motivated says all you need to know about her!

~ Dawn T., Holistic Therapist (Google Review)

I have had few 1-2-1 sessions with the Crow, and I can recommend her with confidence. I am over 60 with a twisted knee cap and a slipped disk problem and her sessions with chair yoga made me feel so good and helped me to move comfortably by making Yoga accessible for me. I had fun sessions with her and she is so friendly and her sessions are very relaxing. 

~ Neslihan V., Private Yoga Student (Google Review)

Aslihan is a great yoga teacher - she is patient, kind, understanding and encouraging. She always gives modifications so everyone can work at their own pace. She is constantly learning herself and then passes the best of what she has learned onto her students. She lives and breathes what she teaches and it really comes across in everything she does. I recently attended her first yoga retreat which was fantastic, great location, great food, perfectly paced and a great bunch of people too.

~ Adrienne K., Group Class Student and Yoga Retreat Guest (Google Review)

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend YogaCrow. I have always been made to feel very welcomed, her positive nature has helped improve my practise - she have inspired me to try new things and look at a range of things in a different way. Every week I look forward to her class. Thank you Aslihan x

~ Phillomena N.A., Group Class Student (Facebook Review)

I tried a few classes in and around Loughton before finding Aslihan. I have found her ability to teach with such empathy, knowledge and professionalism incredible. She leaves no stone unturned and thinks about how she can make every class special. She is genuinely interested in feedback from each one of her clients and makes you feel so welcome. If you have Aslihan in your life you will be all the better for it! We are very lucky to have such a unique teacher in Loughton!

~ Gill S., Private Yoga Couple Student (Facebook Review)

I attended my first class yesterday. Aslihan made us feel welcome and was very knowledgeable and supportive. Such a feel good class. I am looking forward to the next one.

~ Fiona T. J., Beginner Yoga Student (Facebook Review)

I’ve wanted to start yoga for some time and was always nervous to do so being an absolute beginner! I was recommended Aslihan so went for my first yoga class - and loved it. Aslihan explains everything so clearly and to cover all levels of experience, her knowledge is second to none and it was just an all round fantastic class and I’ve never felt so relaxed in body and in mind thanks to all her guidance and yoga techniques ... I’m completely sold and can’t wait for next week! Thank you again Aslihan. 

~ Laura F., Beginner Yoga Student (Facebook Review)

"Yoga Crow on a Wednesday helps me cope with the rest of the week, it keeps my lower back moving and my stress levels low. Without Yoga Crow I would struggle in so many areas of my life. Thank you for all your hard work."

"Fantastic class with a lovely teacher who cares about your practice. Monitors you well to make sure that you're doing everything correctly. This is my first experience in a yoga class & I'm so glad that I found it."

"Great class, fantastic teacher who caters for all abilities and is very attentive to all class members."

"The thing I love the most is the warm, open-hearted way of teaching - it is very accessible and it makes me really happy to practice yoga in such a lovely, supportive way."

"Very good instruction. Gives options for personal ability....easier options, more advanced options and allows for health related abilities. A beautiful 1.5 hours of 'me' time....with benefits!"

~ Anonymous Feedback, Survey May 2017

"I just wanted to say thank you for a lovely, lovely class yesterday. I think you're a wonderful teacher, and it really shows that you are teaching from your heart. For me, the class was the perfect blend of stronger postures with more gentle stretches, and I love it that you explained the concepts of Sthira (Effort) and Sukha (Ease) to us and made these come alive in the practice. I'm really looking forward to seeing you again next week." 

~ Lindsay A. , BWY Yoga Teacher

"This girl is amazing.... ❤"

~ Teresa H., Group Class Student (recommendation on a Facebook Group)

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