“I offer you a ground upon which you can grow stronger within, a refuge where you can breathe at ease and find peace, a community in which you can find support, empowerment, connection and friendship. I offer you authentic, insightful and diverse yoga practices so your body, mind & heart truly progress towards health, wisdom and love. I see your beauty. I hear your needs. I feel your feelings. Let us work together for unity and peace!"


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Let The Crow Be Your Guide
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Authentic, comprehensive and rich yoga & mindfulness practices. My general classes are for all ages, genders and abilities. I also practise exclusively with girls & women in special classes such as yoga for menopause / fertility / period pain / anxiety & depression / insomnia / fatigue & burn-out / chronic stress / positive body image / exam stress and more. I welcome complete beginners as well as advanced practitioners in our friendly, non-judgmental and non-competitive classes.

I offer yoga classes, workshops, courses and collaborative wellbeing events in London & Essex region as well as Online. Yoga & Mindfulness events, day retreats, weekend gateways, collaborated sound healing sessions, art & craft day retreats, women wellbeing events, Teen Yoga Workshops, REST trainings are few of them. I pride myself in teaching inclusive, welcoming and authentic sessions which have a mindful approach for all members of the community, nations and the world. 

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I honour your individual or corporate needs truly, and my approach to your body & mind is genuinely holistic. I bring yogic principles into your life with a practical approach by combining the modern science and traditional wellbeing practices in bespoke sessions just for you. No matter what your reason is, private yoga sessions have plenty of benefits to build up a solid foundation and to achieve any and all of your personalised goals in the comfort of your own place or in the studio. 

Fun at Yoga

I teach Hatha Yoga in a unique progressive scheme with the focus of building up strength in the body, mind & heart, and without using up body's energetic resources excessively. We follow and complete well themed sequences where each one of them unfolds in stages and in consecutive weeks to achieve solid aims & objectives that suit both - those new to yoga and those with experience on & off the mat. By following the aims of the yogic principles and the yogic branches and aspiring to experience them through safe, continually and gradually developing stages, practice becomes mindful, progressive, regulated and beneficial for all, not only for a short term but in a long term too. As a final result, you leave the sessions with an improved strength & flexibility, calm and clarity in mind and with a greater sense of balance, harmony and connection.   


Stretch with Block

As we know, many diseases these days are stress related. Restorative yoga balances a hectic and stressful modern lifestyle and has an enormous capacity to heal physical and mental effects of everyday stress. Restorative yoga accelerates the body's natural healing process. During deep relaxation, all the systems of the body benefit from the practice. Restorative yoga postures help us learn to relax our overstimulated mind & body and to rest deeply and completely to achieve physical, mental and emotional ease. They are specially designed to guide you to feel FULL and WHOLE again through breath trainings, restorative yoga and meditation practices. By practising active rest deliberately, you are able to become your best-self, sustain your energy, boost your creativity in every area of your life, enhance your parenting and your relationships with others and lengthen your career without feeling burned out at all.

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Holistic Wellness For High-Performing and Busy Females Who Keep Delaying Their Own Total Health & Happiness... So they can feel rested, indulged, informed, nurtured and empowered again!

An inspired, empowered, nurtured and focused female-mind can change the world! But first she needs to create positive changes in her own life. I help frustrated and exhausted high-performing and busy women of all ages learn and do the deep work of REST, RECHARGE & RECONNECT they've been avoiding since their ancestors. So, no matter who they are- from mothers and homemakers to students, bus drivers and CEOs- they can become BE-ers, from being DO-ers..

Join us to feel good again!


I work with young people to make sure they have healthy bodies, stronger minds and thriving lives. My teaching is based on a systematic, well-evidenced set of practices which provide them with lifelong skills to support their well being. Achievement is at the centre of all we do. Our work will help these young people to overcome stress and ready their minds for study and positive living.


I run yoga retreats dedicated only to woman’s wellness which aim her to connect closely with herself, with the nature and with other likeminded women to feel an intimate sense of rejuvenation, health and happiness. My yoga retreats generally involve travelling to a place that is surrounded by natural beauty. You have a great opportunity to relax your body, mind, and soul by taking the practice of yoga & meditation in the stunning rural areas of the UK or in the heaven-like places of the Globe. My yoga retreats, holidays and weekends always include rich plant based nutritious food, plenty of free me-time and transformative experiences. 

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Well, here I am; Aslihan, the Crow! A citizen of the Earth, a community member who cares the external & internal wealth and wellbeing of all from the age of zero to 100+, mother to a gorgeous teen, a beloved wife, a keen advocate of "Stop! Drop! Rest!" with a restless past and a life long learner on the path of Yoga who found improved resilience, deep healing and long lasting calm in this ancient practice. More and most importantly, I am one of you! 


I am also Progressive Hatha Yoga Teacher who was trained 4.5 years comprehensively and intensively by the British Wheel of Yoga (the only governing body of Yoga in the UK) teachers Zoe Knott & Bob Insley for BWYQ Level 4 (500hrs) Diploma of Yoga Teaching; Relax & Renew® Advanced Restorative Yoga for Therapeutic Applications Teacher trained by Judith Hanson Lasater, one of the leading yoga teachers across the Globe; Menopause Yoga® Teacher trained by Petra Coveney; Teen Yoga & Mindfulness Teacher trained by Charlotta Martinus, one of the most respected teen yoga teachers in the UK and beyond and Ayurveda In Action teacher integrating ayurvedic principles on & off the mat practices trained by Tarik Dervish & Cathy Mae.    


... and with all my passion & love, I am ready to offer you my guidance through sharing my strong yogic skills, deep knowledge and experiences. This is a great joy to help you towards cultivating a happy & healthy life style in your personal life journey... Because this is how all begins: By being inspired for positive living with the right knowledge and for the right actions!

What people say?


Aslihan is a truly wonderful yoga teacher! She teaches with such preciseness, care and attention, walking around to check and adjust your posture if needed so that you really get the best out of your practice. Aslihan has a lovely ability to make everyone in the class feel welcome and I know I'm not the only one who walks into class feeling a bit weary but leaves feeling so much more balanced (physically, mentally and emotionally) and rejuvenated!


—  Dimple Palmar, Survey Feedback

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