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Once upon a time...

When I started to my yoga journey, it was far to be a dream for me. It was just an intention to find a way for living consciously in this hectic world. I tried lots of new and traditional things to settle on the Earth with a fit body, a calm mind and a loving soul: Stress managements, luxury holidays, relaxation massages & spa day-outs, social activities, monthly and even annual memberships in gym centres, more sex, less sex, new friendships, old contacts, life coaching courses and many more. However, I could never find satisfaction in them and gave up half way through my acts. This always made me more miserable, sometimes more aggressive and more unsatisfied with the outcomes.

In some busy days, people used to hesitate approaching me with new ideas or solutions as they could not consider what my reaction would be. According to them, they always liked me or even loved me because of my loving heart and most of them accepted me with my all positives alongside my negatives, however, life is never easy if you don't know how to relax . This caused distress for both of the sides and I found myself in the stage of feeling guilty most of the times. I had very nice days, happy weeks, bright months and great years too, but there was something missing always, especially after leaving my town to live far from home.

Having a rat-race 8 hours a day, taking a big responsibility of raising a happy family, being a full time-working-mum of a young school-kid and a patient beloved wife of a busy man, serious life – forgetting fun or having an illusion of fun in cyber-networks, not being able to have good quality of time for the close family members and friends, not finding a shoulder to lean on to cry and slowly loosing the meaning of life is tough. Oh, yes! Really though!!

Then one day I woke up with the idea of running away… From all, from everyone, from the things that load a lot on my back cruelly. But hold on a second: Why me? Why I should go away instead of letting all go? So I stomp my feet strongly on the ground and said DO SOMETHING!, FIND SOMETHING!, GO! GO! GO!…

This feeling and a deep muscle problem in my shoulder took me on a yoga mat after a series of inquiry about it. After reading a lot about yoga and numerous contacts & emailing with yoga people, I found my way to this amazing life-long-practice. It’s been almost 3 years since I joined my first yoga class with a very inspirational teacher. She and her inspirational style hooked me from the first moment of the class. I’ve gained my knowledge about the yoga philosophy and about this ancient mind, body & soul practice. I began to understand slowly what the 8 limbs of Yoga are. I wanted to get deeper and deeper as yoga helped me a lot to see who I am and how my relationship with others as well as with the universe should be… I walked slowly but surely on the path of Yoga. This took me to the stage of excitement every other day, after each practice and after each research.

… And it turned into a passion for me… Into a dream of sharing this amazing experience with others to inspire them for the same benefits… Into the idea of spreading the love of yoga from my end… Into YogaMe as a practitioner first and then into YogaCrow as a Teacher!

I never gave up! Deep down, I always knew that the only person who can change the chaos in my life was again only ME, myself. Life is like a stubborn, disobedient, sweet child, which will never grow up.. It is me who will turn this challenge into a nice game to play with joy through love, compassion, contentment and curiosity. Without feeling it as a life-long competition but just as an experience. So is the way to find the happiness and to live a healthy life with joy... and Yoga became the only and practical guide for me to deal with the challenges of life. A unique manual to return to the factory settings of my body, mind & heart...

With Peace, Love & Joy


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