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Heart-centred, bespoke somatic mind- and bodywork sessions for overwhelmed, worn-out and exhausted Women...

So they can stop delaying their own total health & happiness, reset their nervous system, and feel rested, indulged, informed, nurtured & empowered again! 


Hi! I am Aslihan, and a Somatic Bodywork & Movement Specialist helping you transform your life from being REST-Less to a joyful, mindful & nurturing one.

As a mother & significant other at home, career person at work and a 'woman' in society, I had to act always like a warrior without taking time for peace. However, this attitude dragged me to the edge of a cliff with a restless past.

In pain, feeling worn-out and angry, I began to lose my mental and physical health due to high level of stress at work that drained my soul in daily basis. This made the work-home balance impossible for me while juggling between my job, parenting, relationships, endless tasks and responsibilities.  

Across all these challenges and fights in life, I was profoundly failing to achieve life fulfilment & happiness. I lost the sense of who I was, and started to feel alienated from everything and everyone around me.

I ended up with burnout, a terrible nervous-breakdown at workplace triggered by sex discrimination and followed by a year and a half long sick-leave, work-stress related PTSD, and broken relationships.

But then, yoga, meditation and some other holistic somatic practices saved my life!

Today, I am surrounded by more and more frustrated and exhausted female individuals who perform at high levels of competence in many roles, but along the way, often put their own interests and well-being away.

I see and hear them, and I practise exclusively with them in specially designed group and private sessions through yoga & mindfulness, somatic bodywork therapy and treatments, therapeutic holistic massage, ayurveda, restorative deep relaxation practices, mindfulness sessions, well-women retreats and weekend-aways, women circles, collaborative and educational workshops, guided forest walks and guided journaling, soundbaths sessions and many other vehicles that take them into the moment of presence, HERE & NOW.   
Working with those women over the years has led me to design R.E.S.T. YOUR SOUL! program that include more than twenty five very powerful and nurturing practice packages.

All this is to help women harnessing their incredible quality of SELF-COMPASSION to reclaim their power and thrive. So they can understand how their body and mind, in particular their nervous & endocrine systems work, they can create balance within themselves, find lasting emotional resilience, and feel rested, calm, connected, empowered, loved, content, happy and healthy again.

Work with me to transform yourself into the WELL-WOMAN you've wanted to be for so long.  

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My mission is providing a safe, nurturing and empowering refuge to frustrated and exhausted women where they can feel cared, seen, heard, respected, happy and healthy again. So they can REST their soul in caring compassionate hands, and without experiencing any distraction. I provide all my resources to hold that desired space for them through bespoke loving-kindness practices. I share deep knowledge and practical skills to help them improving their own wellness, and to combat their own health problems. Because I know that an inspired, empowered, nurtured and focused female-mind can change the world! But first she needs to create positive changes in her own life. Therefore, I help these women of all ages learn and do the deep work of REST, RECHARGE & RESTORE they've been avoiding since their ancestors. No matter who they are- from full-time mothers, homemakers and students to hard-workers, career makers and retirees - they can become BE-ers, from being DO-ers!!


Bespoke one-to-one or private group sessions with holistic massage therapy, somatic body treatments, mindful movement, poems, stories, guided deep relaxation, meditation, breath training, mantra, journaling, tea ceremony and more to make you feel indulged and nurtured.

Yoga Stretch

Movement, mindfulness and guidance focused mentorship sessions based on women-wellness-themes, inc. menopause, with provision of creating a practical and useful yoga & mindfulness-tool-box to make you feel empowered in your daily life and relationships.


Compassionate Deep REST & Restorative Practices for your tired, worn-out, stressed-out or burnt-out body & mind. So you can reset your nervous system, balance your emotions, find the natural equilibrium, recover and heal. Honour your need of stillness and silence of the self.

R.E.S.T. your SOUL! sessions are based on;

  • the cultivation of benevolence, amity, good will, compassion and universal loving-kindness concept of Metta, a popular form of Buddhist Meditation.

  • Nervous System RESET and Emotion Regulation.

  • the unity of evidence based modern medical science and holistic traditional wellbeing practices such as Yoga, Mindfulness, Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

  • specially adapted diverse range of yoga, holistic practices & private workshops such as mindful movement and gentle flows, somatic body-therapies and body-treatments, restorative & yin yoga, massage therapy (Thai Yoga Massage, Indian Head Massage, Ayurvedic Massage), breathing techniques and mindful meditation exercises, tea ceremonies, guided journaling, mantra, deep relaxation and yoga nidra (yogic sleep), nature therapy, sound therapy, mindful living life style mentorship, book club, family yoga, chair yoga, ayurvedic constitutional assesment, and more.

  • private one-to-one, semi private or group sessions.

  • helping women manage the main symptoms of gender and age related health issues and negative side effects of daily life - such as period pain / fertility / reproductive health / pelvic floor health / hormone balance / breast health / menopause symptoms / chronic stress / anxiety & depression / insomnia / fatigue & burn-out / lack of focus / low mood / some autoimmune system disorders / fibromyalgia / pain management / positive body image / exam stress and many more.

  • small women circles which highlight our mantra "inform, nurture and empower" to allow women for making informed choices in their life, to find support and to amplify their voices and to connect with other women who share the similar journey.  ​

  • guest expertise on nutrition, natural remedies, medical approaches to hormone replacement therapies and in other holistic areas like sound therapy, aromatherapy, reiki, holistic beauty.

Family Stretch

Wise-Women Circles with expert talks, mindful movement and deep rest to enable women making informed choices, to meet with others from all walks of life, and give & receive the wisdom of experience... Find out more about the next gathering!



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The aging process of women normally accelerates tremendously in their 40s and over compared to their early years. A woman's body responds to aging dramatically (especially through menopause), while a man's body responds more slowly throughout his life. This is because the fluctuating oestrogen level (female hormone) with aging is a major concern and manifests itself impressively in the menopausal stages. They can profoundly affect a woman’s physical, psychological and psychosocial constitution after the age of 40. However, NO WOMEN IS TOO YOUNG FOR MENOPAUSE, including teenagers.


Yoga for Women classes are also integrated yoga sessions helping women over the age of 40 as well as younger women who are already going through menopause inc. premature-, early-, peri- and postmenopause. They are also designed to inform, empower and nurture these women by holding introductory wellbeing courses, group workshops, regular weekly classes and private one-to-one sessions through yoga & mindfulness practices.

These sessions help women develop a sense of balance and harmony inside and outside to achieve different goals for their overall health and wellbeing. Since they are designed with the needs of menopausal women, it is extra beneficial to practice with a dedicated teacher in customised yoga classes exclusievly for women. As an acredited Menopause Yoga teacher my mission is to help these women have their meno-symptoms under control and enjoy the life on & off the yoga mat fully toward their second spring.

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“ In this room, women of all ages & phases will find lots of tips, ideas, information, offers and inspirations about how to create vitality in their personal life in a simple and sustainable way and how to build up a better connection with themselves and others to heal from inside out. This safe space is about learning how to do LESS and to BE more. You will learn a new skill of creating an effective self-care plan here.

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" This room is a place where women can BE completely natural, free and 100% themselves. It's a place that women find as well as provide care and healing for theirkind, by themselves... There is nothing mandatory to do in this room, nothing to achieve, no task to complete or no-one to please. It's all about YOU here. It's about identifying your own needs and taking steps to meet them. It is taking the time to do some of the activities that nurture women."

To be the first hearing about upcoming dates, weekly themes, women-wellness events, expert talks, offers & discounts and many more, follow ME on @yogacrowuk's Instagram & Facebook accounts.

I'd love to hold this space for you!

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